Importance of Public Relations in Corporate World

Why Public Relations Manager ???
So here I go explaining the need of the hour….

Public Relations deals with creating the confidence within the company and its stake holders because without the confidence there is no market position, this overall confidence comes in a bundle, packaged with..

• Price
• Quality
• Convenience
• Relationship
• Communications

Overall resulting in REPUTATION MANAGEMENT by Effective Communication between corporate and public. It gives the benefits of corporate value which could be defined as follws:


Going further corporate communications is tied up in this queue.
Now the question is why is it necessary?????

It is necessary because it evaluates ..
• Public Attitude
• Identifies policies with public interest
• Executes program to earn public acceptance

This again could be interpreted in 3 ways:
• Word of Mouth
• Visual Communications
• Audio Visual communications

More over the annual reports , annual general meeting all constitutes this framework of a PR manager as it helps the organization to behave properly and with profitability.

Now comes the BRAND which could be defined as ””Trusted promise of Quality, Service, Value establishment over period of time process by reputation and satisfactory usage””.

Today products have reached the stage of parity, so value of a corporate can only be determined by value f a Brand.

Brand on the other hand constitutes products, bottom line, people culture and work ethics.
Instead of USP, the criteria followed today is UOP (Unique organization Proposition) which aims at enhancement of confidence and reduction of uncertainty over stand alone period overall resulting t create LOYAL CORPORATE IDENTITY for its customers and therefore helps in deciding Brand Hierarchy
Hence Public Relations is the most vital division which can overturn the company profile, image and reputation

Keep Smiling..

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